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Republican Jesus…has replaced…social/love-thy-neighbor-as-thyself Jesus…and adopted a money-grubbing/we-want-our-reward-in-this-present-life, attitude…as their “righteous/moral” inverse-son-of-god behavior…


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I drew this slightly ridiculous tribute to the Bayeaux Tapestry - I had originally intended this to be one 12-foot long image, but then I realized that if I were to ever turn this into a print that it would be impossible to frame (and difficult to view in one piece online), hence the more conventional 24x36-inch print available here.


Mentally ill people are not the problem.  Inaccessible, unaffordable health care is the problem. Stigma is the problem. Lack of treatment is a problem. Lack of understanding is the problem. Lack of compassion is the problem. Not taking people seriously is the problem. Lack of honest conversation and open dialogue is a problem. Using jails as a housing facility for mentally ill persons is a problem.  Do you understand me. Mentally ill people are not the problem.

Homosexuals are NOT interested in making other people homosexual…Homophobes ARE interested in making other people homophobic.

Stephen Fry (Out There - BBC)

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The Real Monsters are reborn! 

Upon getting so much attention for my previous designs, I wanted to redesign the monsters and develop the concept a little more. You’ll notice most of the monsters have subtle alterations and the descriptions have been changed to better reflect my original concepts.

Over the coming weeks I will release more (never seen before) monsters and will also release concept sketches and developmental work for each monster shown here- So stay tuned! (They may also be little animations…)

Disclaimer: The artwork is not at all intended to make light of these conditions but instead is intended to give these intangible mental illnesses some substance and make them appear more beatable as physical entities. 

All work (c)Toby Allen 2013


It’s good to be home. (at the little white home on the corner)


It’s good to be home. (at the little white home on the corner)


Goodnight, sun. (at the little white home on the corner)


Goodnight, sun. (at the little white home on the corner)

There have been a number of different parenting websites or blog posts who have come up with good ways to talk to your daughter about Miley. And, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about parents talking to their daughters about sexuality.

But is no one going to hold anyone else on stage or behind the scenes accountable for that performance? Are we really going to have another one-sided conversation where we only talk to the girls about their sexuality while we completely ignore the boys in the room about their standards of behavior too?

There are next to no commentaries, articles, or blog posts that talk about how Robin Thicke was on stage with a woman young enough to be his daughter while thrusting his pelvis and repeating the line “I know you want it” while T.I. non-chalantly raps about much more graphic stuff.